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Raga Jog Indian Classical Classical Vocal Music By Madhup Mudgal

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'Raga Jog' Indian classical vocal music by Madhup Mudgal from 'Eternal Music'.

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Raga Jog

Banara Bani Aayo;

Madhyalaya - Teentaal;

Composition - Pt. S.N. Ratanjankar

A naturally commanding raga, a compelling melody that beckons even without assertion, is Raga Jog, which stems from the "kaafi thaat". Ascribed to be sung or played in the midnight hours, it evokes strong emotions in the listener. For the Agra Gharana of musicians (one of the several musical lineages of India), it is one of the flagship ragas, having embellished it in their inimitable strong style.

A forceful raga, it touches all octaves but is comfortably delineated in the middle octave around the pancham "pa", which is the resting place for the raga, often replaced with madhyama "ma" for a change in mood, apart from "sa" and natural (shuddha) "ga".

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