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Michael Smerconish Leaving Philly's WPHT 1210 For Sirius XM?!

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Philadelphia's indie political talker Michael Smerconish will be leaving his WPHT 1210-based syndicated talk show to start a new one on Sirius XM's POTUS channel. That's a channel that takes a centrist approach to talk as opposed to being conservative or liberal.

Smerk basically said that his decision was motivated by talk radio being dominated by people who are either at one end of the political spectrum or another.

It may have been also motivated by him knowing that WPHT 1210 is dead station airing especially since Merlin Media debuted WWIQ "IQ 106.9" & added the major syndied conservative talkers in Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck.

After all, the last time Rush left a radio station in Philadelphia, the station flipped formats to 80's music.

WPHT is in trouble. The only thing they can do is stay local while putting focus on local issues or flip to liberal talk. All-News isn't an option (KYW 1060) and CBS Sports Radio isn't one either (WIP 610). They can't even count on Phillies baseball anymore since those games are also on FM 94.1 WIP.

What say u? ;-)

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