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Addmefast Bot - Autopilot - AddMeFast Imacro Macro Script - Get Thousands Of Points An Hour!

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Download AddMeFast Bot Imacro Macro Script -

AddMeFast Bot - Autopilot - AddMeFast Imacro Macro Script - Get Thousands of Points an Hour!

AddMeFast and AddMeFast scripts, macros and bots allow for over 5k points per an hour.

In the featured video you will learn how to get 5k points per an hour on AddMeFast.

Mozila FireFox -

AddMeFast Website-

Imacros Website-

AddMeFast Imacro Macro Script Bot Download -

//Having trouble downloading the Bot? Watch this -

Virus Scan -

The almost unlimited points can be redeemed for Twitter Followers, Twitter Tweets, Twitter Favorites, Twitter Retweets, Fb Likes, Google+ Circles, YouTube Likes, YouTube Views, YouTube Subscribers, Instagram Followers, StumbleUpon Followers, LinkedIn Shares, Pinterest Followers, Pinterest Pins, Pinterest Repins, Pinterest Likes, SoundCloud Followers, ReverbNation

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