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Wall Street Calendar Reveals 38 Trades That Profit 490%

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Visit today if you would like to get your very own copy of this secret Wall Street Investment Calendar

Sean Hyman recently discovered a secret calendar that Wall Street insiders have been using since 1968 to consistently beat the market by 250%.

Billionaires, investment publishers, and even an officer at Standard & Poor's have used this calendar to bag major windfalls. In fact, one famous commodities trader recently confessed that he used it to quickly turn $10,000 into $1,000,000.

Here's the crazy thing . . . this calendar is extremely easy to use!

It simply lists 38 specific dates to buy and sell a handful of specific investments — that's it! And by following this calendar, one could potentially turn $1,000 into $49,000.

Take a moment to watch it, and when you are done, if you decide you want to try out his Absolute Profits Report, simply visit

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