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Drunk San Francisco Firefighter Resigns After Hitting Motorcyclist

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A firefighter with the San Francisco Fire Department has resigned after he crashed the fire truck he was operating into a motorcyclist, and then was discovered to have had a blood-alcohol level of 0.13.

A blood-alcohol level that high is above the legal limit, but it also is a violation of the department's zero-tolerance policy while on duty. Five additional members of the department, including two assistant chiefs, could face suspensions over the incident.

Chief Joanne Hayes-White has informed Assistant Chiefs Art Kenney and Dave Franklin they may be suspended for 10 days and eight days, respectively, for their involvement the night of the crash on June 29.

The two commanders were supposed to be in charge of the crash scene after firefighter Michael Quinn, 43, hit and seriously injured motorcyclist Jack Frazier at the intersection of Fifth and Howard streets.

Quinn was responding to what ended up being a false alarm when he drove through the intersection on a red light and slammed into Frazier. Frazier suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung after being thrown into a fire hydrant. Quinn allegedly left the scene and did not return to the fire station for several hours.

Surveillance camera footage from a bar at Fifth and Howard streets after the crash shows Quinn guzzling down pitchers of water while firefighter Warren Der was with him. When Quinn finally returned to the fire station, he still blew a 0.13 percent, well above the 0.08 percent legal limit.

No criminal charges have yet to be filed in the case.


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