Albums You Need To Revisit

5 Albums from that past two decades that deserve a second (or first) listen

By Andrew Murphy

Musicians come and go and tastes and trends change. Good music, however, will always stand the test of time. In no particular order here is a list of five albums that people wrote off, never heard or really need to revisit.

1. Judgment Night: Music From The Motion Picture (Various Artists)

This album from 1993 is obviously the accompaniment to the film of  the same name. What many people do not realize, however, is how  influential it was. Before Limp Bizkit came and went and before Linkin Park asked Jay-Z for an “Encore,” this album paved the way for rap/rock music. By combining artists such as Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill for collaborations, it helped usher in a new style of music. Even better, all of the songs are still a great listen.

2. The Presidents of the United States of America – self-titled

You all remember the song "Lump" and to a lesser extent "Peaches."  Unless you bought the album though, you would have no way of  knowing that not a single song on the album is a dud. From their crazy  take on MC5’s “Kick Out the Jams” to the all-rise power of "Candy," this album does not stop rocking.

3. Marcy Playground – self-titled

Everyone remembers the song "Sex and Candy." It was a catchy  song and made for a great single. Unfortunately it was far from the  best track on the album. Whether it be the rocking “Poppies” or the  beautifully sad “One More Suicide,” this album has something for everyone.

4. Bjorn Berge – I’m The Antipop

Most likely you have never even heard of this artist, let alone the album. Bjorn Berge is a guitar virtuoso who plays an acoustic twelve-string guitar with the same passion that Jimi Hendrix plays the electric  six-string. Berge uses a slide in most of his songs to keep the melody  going while holding down the bass end with his fingers on the lower register strings. Usually accompanied by nothing but a woodblock stomp box to keep time, Berge is the only acoustic musician I have ever seen that is capable of getting a crowd moshing. This album is a great intro to his style because it is a compilation of covers that he plays. It has his take on songs from the likes of Morphine to Rage Against The Machine.

5. Cake – Prolonging The Magic

Famous for their song "The Distance," as far as I was concerned, they were probably a one-hit wonder. I knew one song off this album but picked it up in a bargain bin and realized I found a gem. There are a couple of outliers, stylistically, but the entire album is a great listen  from start to finish. It’s clear halfway through the album that you are  listening to break-up album but in no way does that take away from  the quality of the music

Published December 8th, 2013

As a musician with formal training in both audio engineering and a number of instruments, Andrew is able to bring an appreciation not only to music, but also to what goes on behind the scenes in all of the artistic mediums. He is an aficionado of the eclectic and loves to share his discoveries. You can find some of his other work at and