Band Review: Pentatonix

Taking the Spotlight back to Talent

By Angelina Zarcone

Making up the latest a cappella superstar group of 2013, Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Avi Kaplan, and Kevin Olusola are “Pentatonix”. The group claimed title as champions in the third season of NBC's a cappella tv competition, Sing Off in 2011 and have not stopped dropping jaws and giving goose bumps to its listeners since.

The Pentatonix have held its own and created a huge buzz in the underground, wracking up as many as 17 million views on some of their YouTube videos of pop covers such as, "Royal" by Lorde, "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Goyte, and mash ups covers like "Evolution of Beyonce" and the "Daft Punk Medley".

They've released three albums in the last few years; PTX Volume 1 and 2 and a hit Christmas album called PTXmas. And after selling out their USA tour in 2012, they're ready to leave on their European tour.
Its hard to imagine that this world wide adored quintet was started not so long ago with just the original founding trio of Maldonado, Hoying, and Grassi auditioning in high school to win a radio contest and meet the members of the tv show Glee.

Raw talent is rare these days, and to discover five singers who give the entertainment world some hope has lit up inspiration around the globe. Contrary to rumors among music geeks and lovers of the classics, the rock scene is far from dead. We may have some victors among our midst to help us crawl up out the depths of computer programmed instruments and voices reeking of auto tune, repetitive bass thumping gangster rap, and performers that fail miserably to live up to expectations in live shows because they lack actual ability.

Its obvious that the technological advancements that have rocketed us forward in so many areas, has taken us back several steps in the music business.

The definition of "talent" has gone from groups like Pentatonix who don't need to be altered and tweaked by machines to collect a fan base, to so called "artist" like Nicki Manaj who possesses not a talented bone in their body (fake butt cheeks not with standing).
Unless you consider the art of shock value and disgusting meaningless lyrics, a talent.

But let it be known that real music is still out there, and Pentatonix are not the only ones. The power of the internet and its users have helped pave the way for their walk of fame, through social media sharing. And as those of new generation I think its time to wade through the piles of distracting club noise, find the other genuinely gifted souls lost in this 21 century chaos. We need to support them in any way possible.

Fight the good fight and keep music alive!

Here's to the Pentatonix and all of the undiscovered future soldiers of the sound!

Published December 8th, 2013

A book worm from the start, writing started as a hobby and became her career. With the nickname "Notebook" as a child, Angelina never put down a pen and a paper. Graduating from high school early, she started attending community college at 13 and writing for her college newspaper on current student trends and dilemmas. After which she decided to start contributing to the world of blogging, writers forums, and poetry. She was published in several different poetry anthologies and now works as a review/synopsis writer for Gold Seal Publishing with Itunes,, and Barnes and Noble. While continually working on a novel of her own. She is also an avid musician and music fanatic, obsessed with finding the latest and greatest original bands of today, but never forget the classics of the 70s and 80s. Traveling the world, she is determined to write about anything and everything that comes her way, from music to technology and back around to the newest movies coming your way.