Game of thrones game series by Telltale Games confirmed!

Telltale Games confirms episodic Game of Thrones series

By Konstantinos Christakis

Lately overly-hyped adventure-game making company Telltale games has recently confirmed that the studio is working on the development of a "Game Of Thrones" adventure series.

Not much was uncovered through the short tease they provided in the recent VGX Awards tease, but we are expecting the same kind of narrative experience as with all other titles published thus far by the company.

The teaser trailer used the TV series'music and the project is currently in progress in collaboration with HBO which strongly suggests that it will be in the lines of the already very well narrated story of the TV series itself.

This is the studio's fourth series to be now confirmed and in production along with The Walking Dead Season Two, The Wolf Amongst Us and the just-announced Tales from the Borderlands series.

Published December 8th, 2013

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