Konami issues with Xbox Live and PSN

Creator of fighting game "Skullgirls", Konami requests the game to be removed from Xbox Live and PSN

By Konstantinos Christakis

As the title describes simply enough, fighting game Skullgirls may be removed from the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. During a Twitch stream, Skullgirls design director Mike Zaimont revealed Konami had requested the game be de-listed from PSN and Xbox Live with Sony and Microsoft.

The design director said that their co-publisher Autumn Games was informed about the request being made only after the first parties had approved it and the company stated the following, right after finding out,

"That's amazingly annoying".

Now, Autumn Games is trying its best to get a new version of the game up and running in order to be submitted to Sony Computer Entertainment America's QA department before it leaves for Christmas on the 17th of December. If it fails QA, the game will likely disappear from PSN on that date.

People who already own the game will still be able to play the game in offline mode, but it's still unsure if and how the online mode is going to work in the future since it's the first time PSN has encountered a situation like this.

While there is a chance Skullgirls may survive on the US PSN, it looks likely it'll disappear from the European PSN, as Autumn Games doesn't have a "shortcut" in order to reach Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's QA in time for launch. Autumn is working with MarvelousAQL to secure a replacement XBLA publishing slot, but it's unclear if the new build will push through Microsoft's testing department before the Christmas break.

Konami has still not made clear the reasons why they had the game removed from online stores, since the company was getting money with every new copy sold, and the video gaming community is still waiting for answers. However, the decision may have something to do with last month's news that Autumn Games and Konami had "terminated their business relationship".

"As it's been alluded to in the past, things have not always been hunky-dory between Autumn Games and Konami," Lab Zero Games' Peter Bartholow wrote on Skullgirls' IndieGoGo page at the time. "Around the time of the last update, it became clear that it would not be possible to proceed with the new patches as long as Konami was involved with Skullgirls."

He continued to add, "So, as of today, Autumn and Konami have terminated their business relationship, allowing us to move forward with the PS3 and Xbox 360 patch in a more timely and cost-effective manner."

In previous updates Bartholow made on the Skullgirls IndieGoGo page, the developer hinted various times that he was already having some issues while working with Konami in patching their game.

"We need Konami to help us out some with some things in order to do some Microsoft TRC checks, and thus far they have been completely unresponsive," he wrote in a post published a month ago. "Feel free to use this information however you see fit."

There is a silver lining. If the new version passes QA, it will release with the latest console patches this year.

Published December 8th, 2013

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