What’s in YOUR food?

By Tina Volpe

By now, most of the world has heard of GMO foods.  If you haven’t, then its time to wise-up and learn what it is you’re actually eating.  GMOs are dangerous.

In simple terms, "GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology, also called genetic engineering, or GE.”

GMOs are everywhere and without a single label or disclosure. The percentage of foods on supermarket shelves have been recorded by the Non-GMO guide to foods:

So what is the big deal?  Well, its what those mad scientists in the pockets of Monsanto are splicing into our food.  GMO products are injected with foreign hazards such as bacteria, virus promoters, and antibiotics.  All in an effort make our crops insecticide resistant, to survive herbicides, to better withstand weather, drought, disease, to grow faster and bigger, and produce more. None of which has been proven effective.

Monsanto is doing more than putting out Frankenseeds though.  From Sierra Permaculture:  “Now they are buying up small and regional seed companies so that they can inseminate these formerly independent seed lines with their own GMO Frankenseeds.” Food “Gods” perhaps?

But here is the scary part – these foods have been banned in over 62 countries around the world, and for good reason.  They are dangerous.

Organic Consumers Association has posted evidence of pigs that were harmed when consuming GMOs that included severe inflammation in their stomachs, heavier uterus’ indicating disease.  Remember, pigs have a digestive tract similar to humans, not to mention that people still consume these pigs getting a double whammy.

And that’s not the worst part… The rat testing was the biggest indicator that something is seriously amiss.

Image via Natural News

From RT, Question More:  A study in France tested rats fed a diet of GMO corn that ended up sickly, and full of golf ball sized tumors.  They also had liver and kidney damage and died prematurely.

From Reuters:  "Based on the conclusion [of the tests done on rats] the government will ask the European authorities to take all necessary measures to protect human and animal health, measures that could go as far as an emergency suspension of imports of NK603 maize in the European Union," the French health, environment and farm ministries said in a joint statement.

The problem American’s are facing is that the U.S. is doing NOTHING.  They are not banning or even labeling these foods because the USDA and the FDA’s bank accounts are being lined with Monsanto cash.

Some states have set bans for Monsanto seeds and crops, and these bans are spreading, however, the unlabeled products are still on shelves.

Hell, even after worldwide protests, the latest in May 2013, that included millions of people in over 400 cities, in 52 different countries—demanding labeling of these Frankenfoods—American’s are still in the dark about what foods contain GMOs.

Come into the light – and save yourselves!

“Control over seed is the first link in the food chain because seed is the source of life. When a corporation controls seed, it controls life, especially the life of farmers.”

Non-GMO Foods List


Published December 8th, 2013

Tina Volpe is the author of The Fast Food Craze, Wreaking Havoc on Our Bodies and Our Animals, Canyon Publishing LLC, 2004; and co-author (with Judy Carman) The Missing Peace, The Hidden Power of Our Kinship With Animals (a Silver winner in the Nautilus Book Awards, 2010)—Dreamriver Press, 2009. Volpe is presently at work on a new book with bestselling co-author Jeffrey M. Masson about the healing properties of a plant-based diet.