Could Marijuana save more than a Nation?

By Jim Knipfel

Word of the recent revolutionary legalization of cannabis in Uruguay is spreading through the social media web like wild fire. As the first country to allow the substance under government control, each citizen household is allowed to grow up to six plants of their own. Joining a  smokers club as another option, increasing amount allowed as a collective. For those over the age of 18 who don't wish to grow plants in their own household, 40 gram packages are sold at local pharmacies.

With the growing number of cannabis users, officials expressed concerned that without the legalization of weed, the average youth would have to go through criminal black markets, involving themselves in the violent cocaine scene in order to get a drug less harmful than tobacco. Senator, Roberto Conde, spoke out to CNN about several advantages to the new law, including the drug trafficking being reduced and prevention of more problematic drugs taking over.

But legalizing cannabis on a whole is a plus for more than just recreational users. Recent studies have proven that an analgesic and anti inflammatory compound or cannabis oil called Cannabinoids found in marijuana can be used to cure and prevent cancer. Cannabinoids are able to shrink tumors and cancer cells without causing any psychoactive effects on the user, and therefor is completely safe for even children.

Last year in December of 2012, a Dr. William Courtney talked to Huffington Post about an eight month old patient of his, whose father insisted on using cannabis oils in the babies pacifiers and was successful in saving his child life from the illness and the “treatment” of chemo therapy. Side of effects of chemo therapy can include; anemia, nausea and vomiting, bleeding problems, infection, hair loss, swelling and even nerve and memory changes, which all come with a massive amount of pain.

In August of 2013 a couple by the name of Matt and Paige Fiji told the press about their daughter Charlotte, who constantly experience life threatening and often heart stopping seizures since the age of three months old was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. After six years of hospitalization, specialized diets destroying her immune system, and useless medications with harmful side effects, desperation to help their daughter compelled them to get a medical marijuana card. Within the hour of administering cannabis oils, the seizures were reduced to almost non existence.

As testing continues, it has been shown to help in treating other diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Lymphoma, Alzheimer, and Osteoporosis, just to name a few. The list goes on as scientific communities expand their experiments. 
How do we feel about marijuana here in America? Well, marijuana is legal is only two of our states..... But having sex with a horse is legal in twenty three.

Published December 15th, 2013

Jim Knipfel is the author of Slackjaw, The Blow-Off, These Children Who Come at You With Knives, and several other books.