Bernie Sanders: Monsanto Shill?

Bernie Sanders is just a seed in Hillary Clinton’s genetically-modified plans for the South Lawn.

By Daniel Riccuito

Stoop shouldered, he gazes out over his audience like a tortoise, half as old as time, in a vain and reflexive search of the shell he left behind somewhere. Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if this self-styled socialist were running for President? Sure, but Senator Bernie Sanders’ deportment and general appearance constitute a sadly instructive, big old honkin’ “tell” – only chumps and chuckle heads could possibly miss it.  

Outward displays of Hard Leftism fall away whenever Bernie aids and abets the Democratic Party in his strange, stentorian Brooklynese. Remember that solemn promise he made at the outset of his campaign not to run as an independent? And another obvious tip-off: pledging support for the Party’s foreknown nominee – i.e., the Monsanto shillaber with whom Sanders has been so nauseatingly flirtatious of late.  

It’s commonplace on the Left (over at Counterpunch, for instance) to read about Bernie’s “sheepdog” status, his mock bid for the White House, a grimy means to an even grimier end – and, by the way, a nifty segue with American Imperium. In other words, Colonel Sanders exploits disaffected Dem voters by herding them back into the fold, under a primary assumption about their malleability, laziness and glib call for “revolution.”  

Mr. Sanders, though he claims to be a serious socialist, actively supports a murderous wingnut Zionism. Take his resounding stamp of approval on “Operation Protective Edge,” which killed over 550 Palestinian children in 2014, serving Israel’s long-term agenda of land grabs, water theft, indefinite detention... a nigh endless atrocities list which includes the systematic torture of little kids.  

Bernie’s sheep-dogging dovetails with his oft-stated support for pugnacious Israel, since both positions coincidentally strengthen Monsanto.  The agribusiness colossus, known mainly for genetically modified crops, produced Agent Orange during America’s illegal assault on Vietnam, and now makes white phosphorous doted on by the Holy Land and that (surprise!) melts human flesh. Israel routinely and, yes, illegally drops the stuff on civilians in Gaza, since... well, a bunch of Arabs live there... Go ahead and Google the images – if you can stomach them – of civilian “collateral damage” roasted by Bernie and his newfound Democrat pals.  

Genocide kinda’ rubs me the wrong way.  

And I’m not sure there’s anything particularly “revolutionary” about pulling a bloodstained lever for ethnic cleansing in slow motion. But, hell, that’s just my opinion. So let’s listen to Bernie himself – the old Bernie, who spoke a modicum of truth about our so-called electoral options. "Essentially, it's my view that the leadership of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are tied to big-money interests and that neither of these parties will ever represent the people in this country that are demanding the real changes that have to take place."  

The calculus of cynicism dictates that Bernie-bots will march along with the international militarism of Hillary (“It took a village, before I wiped it out”) Clinton, when Sanders inevitably loses. It’s axiomatic that we don’t launch revolutions in the ballot box. And yet, here we have Sanders fans, crowding around a Smurf with dyspepsia as if he were Big Bill Haywood. To his followers, I’d say: If you’re counting on some latter-day Dem to save you from capitalism’s war-mongering and general rapaciousness, then listen to Bernie’s earlier, slightly less dishonest incarnation.  

 “You don’t change the system from within the Democratic Party.”  

 Now there’s a sentiment I can agree with.  

Published December 15th, 2015

Daniel Riccuito is an artist who runs The Chiseler, an online publication dedicated to obscurity—forgotten authors, lost languages, and neglected stars. Riccuito has written a book on Great Depression slang, The Depression Alphabet Primer, and contributed to Cineaste. He lives in New York City.