The Unmitigated Gall of the Apartheid Wall

It slashes neighborhoods in the occupied West Bank.

By Daniel Riccuito

85% of the “Security Fence” – a nifty little bauble dreamed up by Zionist lunatics – is on Palestinian soil. Odd, isn’t it? Such a purely defensive structure should follow Israel’s border, at least approximately – instead of snaking, as it does, into precious arable land for the purpose of annexation. The wall (and that's precisely what it is – more than doubling the Berlin Wall’s height at some points along its sinuous journey) is still under construction after 13 years, continually swallowing territory so that endless settlements can spawn.

These Jewish settlements, notorious for stealing water from a people dying of thirst and otherwise dominating every particle of Palestinian life, are, of course, deeply and abidingly illegal. So, too, is Israel’s ignominious parapet, which, according to the International Court of Justice, should be torn down (giggles hysterically). Meanwhile, a bold and spontaneous language of revolt tells it like it is. West Bank Arabs say: “The Apartheid Wall.”

A symbol of Zionism’s hideous glowering kisser – its impact is real enough, part and parcel of ethnic cleansing, a campaign of steady accretion. Which, even more sadly, exposes otherwise reasonable-sounding people for the bigots they are.

Very few are dumping the duplicitous dictionary of unforgivable euphemisms. “Security Fence” should be flushed along with other obscene terms such as “Liberal Zionist” and the fetid, but much vaunted, “Peace Process.” After all, there’s nothing particularly “liberating” or “peaceful” about the Holy Land’s slow motion genocide. According to UNICEF, B’Tselem and others, the Israeli state systematically tortures Palestinian children. Yes, torture. Note: If you’re one of those huge gaping assholes who puts quotation marks around the word, then hear this – the IDF threatens sexual abuse against their prey.

And who, you may ask, is protesting this? Well, amidst the finger pointing at Netanyahu’s rightwing government, liberals fail to acknowledge their own endorsement of The Apartheid Wall – not to mention (speaking of insipid talking points) 2014’s Gaza massacre, kiddingly called “Operation Protective Edge” by moral imbeciles the world over.

In America, a self-described “left,” possessing all the ethical aptitude of a ball-peen hammer, cheers for presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, who – you guessed it – gave a big thumbs up to the attack that set Gaza ablaze and, ultimately, left it in ruins. Over 2,200 people dead, more than 550 of them kids. And now an embargo on building materials promises to set a shell-shocked and beleaguered citizenry back 100 years. Israel cries “security.” And the obligatory, “Hamas rockets.” And yet (and yet!) exactly one Israeli home was destroyed in this spurious war of self-defense.

18,000 Palestinian homes pulverized.

As the Apartheid Wall slithers on, it often seems all we can do is use our words. Let’s follow the Palestinian lead by comparing Israel’s rogue religious state with South Africa’s racist colonialist history. If we can muster economic attacks, then we should.

Three more words... Boycott. Divest. Sanction.

Published December 24th, 2015

Daniel Riccuito is an artist who runs The Chiseler, an online publication dedicated to obscurity—forgotten authors, lost languages, and neglected stars. Riccuito has written a book on Great Depression slang, The Depression Alphabet Primer, and contributed to Cineaste. He lives in New York City.