Teddybears Deliver The Best You Ever Had

By Akil Wingate

2016 has kicked off massively with an epic tune from Swedish band Teddybears. Maybe you've heard of them. They've rendered hits for Max Martin and Charlie XCX. But that's only the beginning. They've topped off 2015 working on material for Sia, Iggy Pop, and Cee Lo Green. Fast forward to their brilliant new single The Best You Ever Had. Featuring the spunky baritone of rapper Gorilla Zoe, this track goes hard in all the right ways.

The moment that kick pounds through the woofer and the lead synth line pulses over the breaks, you know you are in for a doozy. It's full on dancefloor funk with its killer vocal loops, thumping drums and infectious theme that is certain to draw comparisons to Daft Punk. But this isn't Daft Punk folks. And I'm sure the French duo is somewhere nervously looking over their shoulder at the Swedish band, taking meticulous notes.

No it's not pop. But it's catchy enough to be a pop hit. And no it's not electro. But it's got its electronic vibes that will give DJs a headrush in the club. Get your dance shoes ready. The rhythm guitar vamp towards the end of the song is almost reminiscent of Michael Jackson circa the Rod Temperton (Off The Wall, Thriller) era. And that's saying something. Then the synth strings warp in over that killer guitar break and carry you out. This is magic.

Play it or slay it? Definitely play it. We've gushed about Teddybears before. Now we're full on fanboys. Have a listen to The Best You Ever Had here.

Published January 13th, 2016

Akil Wingate is a writer and singer-songwriter based in Switzerland. When he isn’t writing, composing or touring, he usually can be found in the kitchen whipping a challenging recipe into shape.

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