Tomas Doncker’s American Reality

Politically Charged Folk and Blues

By Yvonne Stegall

There is plenty of music out there that expresses the political views of the band or the singer. Usually the most politically charged genres seem to be punk and rap. However, you can find a political charge in more than just those two genres, if that’s the kind of music you are into. Sometimes it’s difficult to listen to this type of music, especially if their views are different than your own.

The world today is pretty crazy, and you already know that if you ever listen to the news or look at your Facebook feed. No one is right, everyone is wrong, and everyone is offended by everyone else. In an attempt to express his own feelings on the subject of the state of our world, blues and soul artist Doncker created an album of emotional music in tribute to the Charleston Massacre.

It’s hard not to feel hate, pain, and outrage at all of the mass shootings, and it’s especially horrific when it happens at a church. You can feel that pain and anger in Doncker’s album, The Mess We Made.

Listening to The Music

First of all, if you like music with a beat, you’ve found it. It’s blues, so it has that nice toe-tapping beat to it that makes blues such a great genre. There is more to this than just the beauty of the instrumentation though. The lyrics of every song tell a story.

The story all revolves around this same tragedy, and the fact that we are lost in a world of social media and people can’t seem to put their smartphones down long enough to get to know the people around them. It’s a truthful album, instead of a hateful recording. The anger is at the media and the way that people just aren’t paying attention or caring anymore. It’s anger at apathy, not at individuals.

The title track, ‘The Mess We Made,’ really works to point out just how controlled we are by our technology. Everyone is at fault. The song ‘Church Is Burning Down’ is a very heartfelt song, with lots of power, all about the massacre in the church and the lives that were lost and the people that were hurt.

With ‘Don’t Let Go’ the music gets a little more mellow. This song is more on the folk side, where the songs up until it were more bluesy. It really talks about the way that life is right now, and how people are working, but for what. It’s hard to find work that pays the bills, and Doncker points this out in his music.

This entire eight song album is pretty intense when it comes to the lyrics. If you don’t want to accept the state the world is in then you definitely won’t like it. However, it is a great album. Doncker has an excellent voice fitting to both blues and the folk sound that some of his song exude.

For even more of a feel of what this album is about you can view the trailer for the album on YouTube. It really helps you understand where Doncker is coming from. When listening, you won’t hear left wing or right wing, you’ll hear that if we don’t start making changes on an individual basis things are only going to continue to get worse. Where does it end?

Published January 14th, 2016

Yvonne Stegall is a professional freelance writer who got her start in music reviews. She managed to build on that love of writing and became editor of the music magazine she did reviews for. Since then, Yvonne has gone on to write on many subjects, including health & wellness and beer.