Opium Denn, Music to Meditate By

Demarkation Is a Separation from Your Usual Music

By Yvonne Stegall

The artist is Opium Denn, and the album is Demarkation, and both are a bit mysterious. When you start the first track of Demarkation you’ll find yourself lulled into a trance until the singing begin. At first it’s a little disorienting, and then it grows on you. The entire album is like a trippy sound explosion, some of it mellow for meditation purposes, and some it a little spunkier that you can groove to.

The third track, ‘So Many Faces,’ almost sounds like some classic Bowie. That simple comparison should be enough to garner a listen. The album is something of a blend of Trent Reznor in NIN talent, mixed with the stoner vibes of Pink Floyd, all rolled into a concept album that is sure to be a favorite of anyway that likes music that really reaches into your mind and soul.

‘Eyes to The Sky’ almost has an 80s rock ring to it. Making the album a menagerie of musical sounds and genres. Another song that somewhat sounds like David Bowie has risen from the grave already. This music is definitely perfect for a wide array of music fans, from Bowie lovers to 80s melodic rock fans. There is a little something for everyone.

There are many layers to the music on this album, making it a lot to listen to. You may find yourself focusing on the bass or the something else in the background, even when the lyrics are trying to pull you back into them. Each song manages to still have a melodic beat that can put you in a trance though, which is why it would be great for meditation or yoga, as long as you like a little extra beat in your step after you’ve done your relaxing techniques

The Videos

Opium Denn recently release three music videos to go along with the concept album Demarkation. Each video is separated into an episode. So far there are three of nine episodes. Of the nine songs on the album, three of them are titled ‘I Am a Feeling,’ although differentiated by #1, #2, and #3. The first of the videos is for ‘I Am a Feeling #1.’

Although you will catch glimpses of someone playing an instrument throughout the video, the main centerpiece is an action figure. It’s an interesting concept video and unlike anything I’ve seen in music videos prior. Be warned, the action figure is a naked male, luckily not anatomically correct.

The video for ‘Leaf,’ which is episode #2, finds our action figured clothed, and seeing memories of his family. It’s a very sad video, if you can get past the Barbie and Ken Doll actors to the story the song seems to be telling.

Episode #3 hosts the song ‘So Many Faces,’ and it starts out pretty trippy, with lots of new friends for the stars of the last video. If spinning doll heads and complete dolls may freak you out, you might not want to watch it. However, like the other two videos, it’s definitely telling a story (and isn’t any worse than some of the garbage kids have been watching on TV for the last decade, like Teletubbies and SpongeBob). If you’re like me, you’ll be looking forward to catching the following installments.

Published January 21st, 2016

Yvonne Stegall is a professional freelance writer who got her start in music reviews. She managed to build on that love of writing and became editor of the music magazine she did reviews for. Since then, Yvonne has gone on to write on many subjects, including health & wellness and beer. https://www.facebook.com/WriterYvonne