Two Words
(or More Than Two)

By Michael Dorr

Two words, only two?

It’s so slight a behest,

half a breath would do.

To refuse your request

must appear quite rude

and rather uncaring.

But even single words

have killed more than two.

So I must be sparing

with those that I use.

Published February 7th, 2016

Poet, writer, editor, former publisher, educator, cultural critic, and (briefly) a gravedigger, Michael K. Dorr is a Phi Beta Kapa cum laude graduate of Hofstra University, where he studied film, theater, history, anthropology, and astrophysics.  He is co-editor of MILES ON MILES: Interviews and Encounters with Miles Davis.  He lives in Brooklyn, New York with a Rhodesian Ridgeback runt named Trixie Maybeline.