Titanfall, the Sequel

It Comes with a TV Spinoff

By Konstantinos Christakis

We finally have word of when we'll be seeing the next installment in the Titanfall series, thanks to an interview lead writer Jesse Stern gave to Forbes recently. Among other things, Stern mentioned that Titanfall 2 will come with an accompanying TV show, most likely prior to the game's release. 

The TV spinoff is being developed by Lionsgate. Respawn Entertainment has apparently been working on Titanfall 2 since late 2014, and it wasn't clear when the game would be ready to hit the stores. Now it's confirmed that we'll be seeing the new title sometime between April 1 2016 and March 31 2017. We waited so long simply for the announcement of a sequel, what's another year?

Stern said that Titanfall 2 will come in both single-player and multiplayer campaigns, and promised that the multiplayer will be an "even better" experience than the original. He also said it will most probably come to many platforms, unlike its predecessor, which was only for Xbox consoles and PC.

Stern conceded that players previously didn't get to learn much about the Titanfall world through playing the game. "One of the shortcomings of the first game was we just did not have the mechanism to tell everyone 'Here's who you are, here's where you are and who's around you.'" Apparently now there will be a focus on "grand colonial warfare," which will basically bring a more Civil War- style storyline and expand in a universe where space is a major part of it.

But a TV spinoff? That's just outstanding news. We're experiencing an era of overflow in sci-fi series, while the amount of fan-made content is reaching levels of quality beyond our expectations, pushing the bar higher than ever for professional productions. What can we expect from a TV show set in the Titanfall universe? Seeing how Stern was the writer for five seasons of NCIS, there's reason to be optimistic. He has also worked on the Modern Warfare titles of the Call of Duty series, and those were just amazing in their single-player plots.

How will space affect the look of the series? Sci-fi shows are continuously bettering their looks, but when making a TV show out of a game, there are way more things one has to take into account. All the pretty parts of the game will have to shine even more in the TV series. And being passively viewed rather than an interactive experience, conveying the same feelings will also be very hard. Take one of the most important aspects of Titanfall: calling your Titan and getting inside it. Now try recreating that feeling for the viewer of the TV series.

Still, I have a feeling the Titanfall spinoff won't disappoint. I've learned to have faith in sci-fi TV in this decade.

Published February 15th, 2016

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