The King's Salt

By Michael Dorr

It is not your fault.
I have changed, Love, since
tasting the king’s salt.
The sky is so blue
that it makes me wince.
Everything seems new.
You tell me to halt,
to cease this nonsense,
this foolish gestalt.
But I cannot choose.
There’s no recompense.
I will have my due.
I lived in a vault.
Now I leap fences
tasting the king’s salt!
All whom I once knew
I’d sell for a pence.
My views are askew.
I’m damned by default.
I’ve just one defense:
tasting the king’s salt.

Published March 5th, 2016

Poet, writer, editor, former publisher, educator, cultural critic, and (briefly) a gravedigger, Michael K. Dorr is a Phi Beta Kapa cum laude graduate of Hofstra University, where he studied film, theater, history, anthropology, and astrophysics.  He is co-editor of MILES ON MILES: Interviews and Encounters with Miles Davis.  He lives in Brooklyn, New York with a Rhodesian Ridgeback runt named Trixie Maybeline.