Angelina Zarcone

A book worm from the start, writing started as a hobby and became her career. With the nickname "Notebook" as a child, Angelina never put down a pen and a paper. Graduating from high school early, she started attending community college at 13 and writing for her college newspaper on current student trends and dilemmas. After which she decided to start contributing to the world of blogging, writers forums, and poetry. She was published in several different poetry anthologies and now works as a review/synopsis writer for Gold Seal Publishing with Itunes,, and Barnes and Noble. While continually working on a novel of her own. She is also an avid musician and music fanatic, obsessed with finding the latest and greatest original bands of today, but never forget the classics of the 70s and 80s. Traveling the world, she is determined to write about anything and everything that comes her way, from music to technology and back around to the newest movies coming your way.